Awakening the Miracle Within

awakening the miracle

The sun is at its zenith and the boy embarks on his quest. He travels lightly. He carries but a logbook in his mind and a pen in his pocket. His sole desire is to journal his lessons and remember his memories. The former for the future generations and the latter for his grave. The only two things Death cannot take from him.


This is a story about a boy who closed his ears to the world of the concrete in order to hear the whisper of the spirit of the Universe. To discover the riches and secrets of the reality he lives in, the boy was determined to find something that cannot be felt, touched, or seen.


And so he left. Closed his eyes. Took the road less traveled. And opened his soul to the enigmatic flow of the Universe.


His first step into the mystic forest of the unknown is motivated by a healthy fear of complacency, inner unrest for adventure, and a burning passion to unlock the mysteries of the world he unbeknowingly found himself in. A combination of coercive factors and personal motives pushed him outside his comfort zone and into the dark.


He finds many foreign creatures in the ethereal woods. He know he can turn back but his curiosity is getting the best of him. He sees no one like him. He sees snakes surrounding apples, daunting dragons, and birds of of mystic colors.


But he sees one creature of particular interest. He sees a griffin. A legendary creature with a body and legs of a lion; the head, wings, and feet of an eagle; and the tail of a serpent. He’s heard of this creature before. The griffin’s striking presence makes it clear that it embodies the definition of courage.


The boy follows the griffin out of the woods and finds himself in a enormous sea of sand. A desert that extends past the boy’s limit of visibility. The griffin pauses at the boys anxiety filled hesitation. The griffin begins speaking to the boy.


The boy cannot understand what the griffin is saying so he closes his eyes. The griffin begins to make sense. The boy begins to hear the lessons of the mind and the body. The wind makes the sand sting as the boy chooses the path to the North. He knows he is going against the wind- against the grain- against normalcy. But he is guided by faith in himself and his spirit that has now been opened to the griffin’s dialogue.


He walks in the direction of perils with his eyes closed, only guided by intuition and hope. The boy sees no persons on this road. But he knows deep down that if keeps logging his lessons and writing his journal, he will find others by his side one day.


Time moves through the hourglass as does the desert sand find itself in constant motion- never stagnant, but always flowing with the wind. The boy, despite his blood, sweat, and tears, found a way to conquer the harsh desert to master resiliency in his body and overcame the viney labyrinth of the forest to foster an adaptive and open mind.


The boy finally reaches the end of the desert but finds nothing but the vastness of an open ocean. The griffin says, “There is nothing more I can teach you but you will continue learning in new ways about different things. Sometimes you will forget, even more times you will fail. But where there is a will, there will always be a way.”


They part ways and the boy’s celebration of mastery is short-lived and replaced with another longing for another adventure.


But he is stuck. He has plateaued. And so he wonders in circles. Waiting for something.


When he least expects it and just before he gives up on his journey, he finds his next opportunity. Because he knows that the Universe conspires in his favor, just not on his timeline, he was ready for this very moment Lady Luck came to tap him on the shoulder.


To the boy’s surprise, opportunity manifested itself as a mermaid. A mythical creature who resides in the sea that presents itself in the form of a beautiful figure with a tail of a fish and an upper body of a woman.


The boy is lured in her angelic vocals and enchanting gestures. He is charmed by her warm affection and shimmering eyes. But as with the griffin, he can only understand her dialogue when he closes his eyes and opens his soul.


The boy is somehow filled with a peace and trust her. She takes him by the hand and the two transverse the ocean together. She teaches him the secrets of the heart and the meaning of love.


During their voyage across the element which brings life, he tastes the ocean and the salty bitterness. He is reminded that when swimming in the deep blue sea of love, there are many bitter endings and many losses that leave a salty taste that is slow to wash out.


The boy also sees many colorful and alluring creatures in the sea. But many are quick to bite and have sharp thorns behind their exterior beauty. There are many more with an allurement so strong that it can derail many other’s compass to the North. But the boy is fortunate and smart enough to keep his mentor close enough to guide his hands and steer it back on course. The boy has decided that his trek towards fulfillment is stronger than any temporary indulgent.


Alas, the boy finds a way to unconditionally open his heart. In turn, it is replete with love and overflowing with kindness. At the same time, the boy and the mermaid reach the end of the ocean. At the end of the ocean there is a large waterfall.


As like the griffin, the mermaid humbly tells the boy, “This is all I can teach you. You have now become adept at wielding the powers of the bodymind, and heart. You will continue to learn one more dimension to your being. At this point, you have two choices, to fall into a sea of abyss and stagnation. Or you can spread your wings and fly into the destiny you were meant to find. I will now graciously bid my farewell, the choice is yours.”


There are moments in a boy’s life when he is forced to become a man. The moment the boy decides to commit himself to a purpose greater than himself is when this transition takes place. The boy has no time to think about a decision. He acts purely on instinct and his intrinsic burning passion to become.


To become his fate.


But the boy is nearing the demise of his fall. Experience has taught him to never panic in anxious times but to instead close his eyes and listen to the undertones of the Universe that is masked by the cacophonous noise of the wildlife. He hears a placid sound of raging passion and of invigorative healing. The dichotomy of tones is depicted in the form of a Phoenix- a fabled bird that is said to rise from the ashes of its death in a fiery rebirth and its tears has the phenomena of granting everlasting life. The phoenix proceeds to teach the boy about the lessons of the spirit and finding his creative purpose.


The boy closes his eyes and listens to the ageless wisdom of the phoenix. He finds the wings he never knew he had just before the Unwanted Visitor could take away the boy’s final breath. The boy acts with bold declaration to grasp the horns of his destiny and takes flight. He pierces the sky and is heading for the stars.


He is soaring. He feels freedom. He is liberated.


His spirit clear in its purpose and direction.


He is free to create. Free to express. He is full of joy knowing his small initial flame-he always knew he had- has finally caught a hint of wind and sparked into a fiery ambition. His strength of character knows no bounds.


He is flying towards the clouds and his direction is only guided by the glimmer of light peering in from the heavens. The boy knows he is flying above and beyond everyone else. But seeing all of the worlds flaws makes him shed tears of empathy. And just like the tears of a phoenix, the boy’s tears will eventually land on those who look for them and grant them everlasting life.


The phoenix then questions the boy, “Being apt with the infinite powers of the mind, body, heart, and spirit, what are you to do with them?”


The boy’s humility gets the best of him and decides to make the most daring decision of his life. He tells the phoenix, “I am returning to the world of reality. I will bid you farewell but will continue listening to all those who come my way. Thank you.”


The boy flies down from the heavens. Flies across the ocean while waving at the mermaid. And across the desert while smiling at the griffin from above. The boy lands on the concrete of reality.


He lands but something is different. He is a bit taller, has a few more wrinkles on his skin, and a couple gray hairs. He notices he is no longer a boy. He is a man.


He died as a boy but is rebirthed as a man. And although his journey inward is complete, his next pilgrimage is about to give rise. He is aware that the purpose of the previous journey is to prepare you for the next one. But he will never forget the chronicles of the miracle he awakened within himself. And neither will the society he has committed himself to. This manuscript is proof that beneath his voice and beyond his words lies messages of how we can awaken our very own miracle and own our legendary tale in history.


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