A New Beginning

a new beginning

Peering over the mountain that stands between you and your Promised Land, you hesitate to take the first step. At a distance, the sun peeks its rays just over the summit and scathes your eyes with its beams that strikes fear into your heart. You look away to avoid it’s gaze of challenge. But the only thing you are running  from is yourself. The mountain to climb represents the destiny you must surmount and succumbing to the cold climb eventually numbs your life. Paralyzed, you stumble on the first ledge and fall into a great abyss. You lose yourself, you think “I’ve lost it all”.


You fall hard on your rear end and it takes you some time to understand the turn of events that just transpired. You look around and you find yourself in a deep dark cave without a spec of light. You flash the moments just prior to the fall and remorse over your feeble attempt. You blame yourself, then you blame everyone. You cradle yourself into the fetal position and sob your worries away. It’s cold, but you sleep anyway.


You awake from your slumber. Alone. Trapped. In darkness. You’ve cried until your eyes ran dry. The only thing left is your sadness. It’s the only thing that comforts you and keeps you warm. Your blanket of depression protects you from the elements but you know deep inside you yearn to take it off. You pick yourself from the ground and wonder aimlessly in the dark without direction. The cape of insecurity you wear has many holes and only keeps you warm when the gusts of adversity don’t blow your way.


You’ve managed well for some time. You’ve found a way to navigate the cave you now inhabit. You’ve found a way to sustain your lifestyle. You’ve found comfort in the darkness. You made friends with the various creatures that inhabit your home. You formulated games to pass the time. You pondered how well you could manage your small world and kept improving day by day. As a result, you even forgot about the outside world. Also, your vision may have dissipated with your descension, but your ears have become a finely tuned instrumented.


You now hear things you’ve never heard before. You hear the winds that carries the echoes of the cosmos. You hear them speak to you. You wonder why this new gift has been bestowed upon you. You try, once again, to deny your potential. You fabricate that these sounds are mere coincidences rather than marvel miracles. But on occasions more than one, it speaks to you in a way that touches the distant corners of your soul and strikes just the right chord in your heart. You begin to pay attention.


At first, you feel a faint whisper as if a strand of hair fell and brushed your ear on the way down. You traverse with your daily life with a new-found emptiness that you can’t quite fathom was it is, but it’s omnipresence is like a germinating seed. Every time you walk in a different direction, it grows faster. It grows  and the emptiness becomes an ache. It aches like an expecting mother in her final trimester. Your labor and trials culminate to give birth to a newborn epiphany. The epiphany that the universe is speaking to you.


The universe is telling you that everything you need to know, all the answers, and all the wisdom is yours if you just listen to what the universe has to say. It reminds you of a time when you still had dreams and aspirations. It tells you of a place where you once saw the world with a calm and clarity. It instills a desire in you to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Its voice tells now is the time to fulfill your destiny. It tells you that your current comfort is uncomfortable and true comfort is found in the uncomfortable. That true rest is by resting in motion. And that to begin anew, you must put to death the old.


The universe has enough respect for you that it will not force fate onto you. Yet, the universe bestowed us the greatest gift and most potent tools for us to use against the forces that resist us- the human spirit which gives us freedom of choice and a sustaining willpower. You summon these two divine forces to navigate the tinniest crevices and push through the most resistance rocks on your path to asylum. Your hands become calloused but you know the mind gives up way before the body does. You endeavor yourself through obstacle after obstacles until you break the final barrier and feel the warmth of the sun’s ray once again. This time, it feels liberating.


You open your eyes and wonder how you were once so blind all this time. You inhale a deep breath of fresh air and it quenches your soul’s thirst for freedom. You become grateful for all that is around you- from the blossoming of a flower to the sky that seems infinite. You stand free and ready to take on all mountains that surround you. You once stood here with a lens of pessimism, but now you stand in the same place with a perspective of optimism.


You look at your unashamed naked body and see the scars that remind you of the fall you once had. But this time you say, “That was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Today is a new beginning. My brightest days are still ahead of me.”  You now understand that each slip and fall only makes you quicker to rise up and strengthens your grip for the next climb. Because in the end, you know that life’s climb will only get higher and steeper. But at the same time, your tolerance for pain grows more resilient.


Equipped with a will to be courageous in the face of the formidable climb that stands before you, you step willfully onto the first ledge and never look back but always remind yourself that beneath the countless times we fail, fall, and stumble & beyond our personal fears of success, failure, and everything in between lies the message:


You only have one life, one chance, one journey to get it right. But at the same time, you only need one epiphany, one realization, one moment in time to go from wrong to right. There is always hope, it’s never too late to begin again

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