A Seed of Hope

a seed of hope

Just like humans, a seed’s greatest wish is to bloom into the blossom it was made to be. But before attainment can be fulfilled, it must survive an impossible journey from the filthiest soil to the coldest winters just to find the courage to break free from its outer shell and finally pierce the surface of the earth and reach for the sky. A million and one things can go wrong and the odds are indefinitely against the small boy wonder. So many things are not within the seeds control. It’s master ultimately holds its survival and potential in delicate balance by deciding how well to nourish its environment and choosing which soil as its foundation. The little guy can only hope and pray things will work out in his favor. But sometimes hoping is enough and faith is all you really need.


I love the analogy of using a seed as a way of looking at our very own lives. God is the gardener and we are his seeds. We have a hopeful destiny that we pray is congruent with His plan. So many factors manifest themselves to resist and we are tried in the fires of adversity. We are ushered into cold years without growth and we feel like there is no hope. Many are born in the non-germinating environments without resources, or worse yet, make thriving impossible and disease ridden. Sometimes our seeds were genetically defunct from the beginning which makes the climb even more steep than it already is.


For the fortunate few who are able to even the playing field of nature and nurture, you are then faced with your own worst enemy- yourself. Finding the courage to crack the outer shell proves to be our greatest challenge that sits next to taking our first and most difficult breath as a newborn. Our outer coating proves most unyielding to all but the most persistent spirit due to the multiple convoluted layers that are build into us.


Fear is one of the layers that protects our inner flesh from the harsh environments we are planted in. Fear may have protected us from wild beasts and life-threatening conditions in the past but in today’s day and age, we are blessed with 2nd, 3rd, and so on chances with the only real consequence being the loss of time and resources. There is much material written on the topic of fear and with multiple ways to manage and perceive it. Only the one who seeks to overcome it knows what works best for him or her. But in brief, it has only a limited play in the role of “healthy fear” and no place in the part of enlightenment, success, and love. If I were to concoct a cocktail for abolishing fear, its composition would entail: 2 parts preparation, 4 parts acting, 8 parts failing, 3 parts reflecting, and 10 parts repeating until the fear is gone. There is no shortcut. Fear must be conquered by passing through it. Only when you have harvested the ability to love the teetering bridge of fear, does fear itself disappear- for you know on the other side of this layer lies your destiny.


Another layer below our subconscious lies the border of comfort. It is easy to get complacent in this mode of living. There is a saying that goes “If you don’t fail at least 90 percent of the time, you’re not aiming high enough”. Failing is uncomfortable. Falling is how you crack this layer. Getting up is how you break through it.  Being complacent entails a life lived as small and insignificant as a seed that never sprouts buried deep in soil that nobody can see, nobody will ever know, no light of day it will ever see. Potential that was locked away and undiscovered is one of the greatest tragedies one can write as their memoir. The infamous rapper, Tupic Shakur, who knew what potential was and a shining example of a seed born in the most direst of soils whose poetic words graced many hearts said it the best, “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive.”


The final layer worth mentioning is the layer of limiting beliefs. You must believe before you can achieve. Society casts an irksome spell on us to want to conform to their self-limiting standards. Many of us are charmed when we find validation to “fit in”. The initial ‘high’ can feel like heroine to an addict and numbs the pain of reality but in the end, the sides effects hollow out one’s heart and mind and we lose our soul. If you live long enough, you’ll find the majority of individuals are still encapsulated in the constraints of their seed. If your goal is to break free of conformity, seek avenues and opportunities to align yourself with those who have completed their personal metamorphosis from seed to blossom. It is society that limits your imagination on what is possible because of what your eyes tell you. The strength of fictional stories is what expands the imagination of what could be possible and is what essentially shatters this boundary of what could be the thickest and most resilient of all layers. Walt Disney’s imagination is how his seed bloomed into ground breaking movies to which his growth ascended to the level of the clouds where every child could see. But he not only talks to the young and fruitful. His words addresses anyone, including the aged and ripe, who sought to get the most out of life when he said, “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”


So then let’s say you claimed victory in the long war against fear, became a glutton for punish and found comfort was really uncomfortable, and broke free of the trance that society has casted upon you. What then? You must now dig through and navigate the crushing weight of the soil that lies above you. You broke out of your shell and found direction to your life. But to pass this trial, your resiliency to stay the course and be consistent is tested. Your current battle is to withstand the withering affects of time. This is the most lonesome part of the journey. You’ve left the comfort of your cocoon to take on the road less traveled. Years pass by and the cold season ensues. Your growth feels stunted, your roots feel thinned. You feel lost and regret the decision you’ve made because you can’t ‘unbreak’ what you broken out of and there’s no turning back now.


There is only one choice. To finish the journey.


You feel the warmth of hope and you sense the surface is near. You are re-ignited with a fire and catch a second wind to push the hardest you ever had since the spark you initially had at the beginning of the adventure. With your various encounters with Lady Luck that served to catapult you into glory, you find yourself at the brink of surfacing.


Then you get cold feet like a bride and groom before their wedding.


The doubts creep in and you start thinking if you can handle basking in the glory of the sun. Out in the open- naked and exposed, your imperfections will be illuminated. You hesitate like the Boy from the book The Alchemist before fulfilling his Personal Legend. But in the end, you believe your blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifices were worthy of obtaining such fulfillment and you finally pierce the surface and catch glimpse of the divine light.


The story that follows is written in the stars and went down in history as evidenced by the great people that we still teach in academia till this day. Because you found it within yourself to beat the external odds, you became a harvest for His Majesty. You may have taken the elusive path filled with viny labyrinths, distracting weeds, and sharp thorns, it has taken you more time then intended. You saw your companions pass you on the false race of life that we perceive that it is. But beneath this story of an impossible journey and beyond cold times of hopeless growth lies the message


You may be a late bloomer, but the seeds that have endured the harshest of Winters will enjoy the greatest of blossoms


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