About Me


My name is Marc

I’m a Pisces

My Favorite color is blue

I am a tourist of life and a hobbyist of many things

But my passion is writing.

I write the chapters of my life

I write with my mantra in mind

“I will eternally seek to improve myself and keep myself in optimal shape physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in order to give myself to society and family with unconditional regard. 

To me, the goal of life is to: leave this world a better place, obtain fulfilling relationships, cultivate a charitable and passionate heart, obtain a peaceful and understanding mind, cultivate the ability to make my dreams a reality, and foster the ability to enjoy the experiences God has given me through my senses from the complexities of the Arts to the simplicity of a warm embrace- which keeps me humble and grateful. 

I find just the right balance point in the see-saw influences of life. I restrain myself from getting swept up in social trends without first contemplating the other side of the coin. I live interdependently in harmony with society while simultaneously carving my own path. I exercise personal leadership, personal management, and self-awareness to fulfill my self-prophesied destiny.

I specialize in seeing the glass half full and turning lemons into lemonade. I extinguish anguish by concentrating on long term success as opposed to immediate gratification. Cold discipline and devious short-cuts can only take you so far, true success comes from learning to love what you do; the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

I believe that beneath every failure, every fault, every disaster, every weakness & beyond every negative, every sin, every setback, every heartbreak- there is always a lesson, positive, a strength, a hope, a virtue, a success, an improvement, a miracle.

I not only understand but internalize that true success isn’t received on a public podium, but within the private confines of my day-to-day activities.

I have forgiven myself and learned from the past; I plan and prepare for the future; but I always make time for the present and live for the ones I hold dearest. 

I am an artist, philosopher, scientist, autodidact, adventurer, leader, friend, husband, father, teacher, athlete, lover, dreamer, student of life, hobbyist.. I am myself”


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